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3 Options For Getting Approved For An Auto Loan

Buying a new or used vehicle is a fun experience, but it can often be difficult and confusing when it comes to both finding the right loan for you and being approved for that loan. Listed below are a few options that can help you get approved for an auto loan.

Work With The Dealership

One of the most common ways to get approved for an auto loan is to simply try to work with the auto dealership’s finance department. The main benefit to this approach is that your odds of being approved for a loan go up quite a bit as most dealerships will submit your loan application to a large number of possible lenders.

Not only can this help you get approved, but it can also often result in an attractive interest rate. In addition, a dealership can often offer special loans through a manufacturer that they have partnered with if you buy a new car from that manufacturer.

Work With Your Bank

Working with your bank can often be one of the easiest ways to get approved for an auto loan. The main reason for this is that your bank may often be willing to relax their loan requirements or make an exception to those requirements in order to approve your loan if you have had an account in good standing with them for a long time. In addition, this can also often lead to special low interest rates that are available only to members of that bank.

Work With A Buy-Here-Pay-Here Dealer

Finally, you can visit a buy-here-pay-here dealer. This type of dealer will typically offer you a loan directly rather than working through any banks or traditional lenders. The benefit to this approach is that the dealer will often approve you simply based on your income without putting much of an emphasis on your credit score or credit history.

This approach does have a downside in that you will often end up paying a higher interest rate and making higher monthly payments than you would with a traditional loan. However, this is a good option if you are unable to be approved for a traditional loan and need a vehicle as soon as possible.

Stop by your local car dealership today in order to find and test-drive the many vehicles that are available to you and to discuss financing options. Car dealership finance departments, your bank, and buy-here-pay-here dealers are just three options that can help you get approved for an auto loan.  

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3 Reasons To Consider Purchasing A Military Humvee

One of the most sought after military surplus vehicles on the market is the humvee, mostly because this vehicle can provide a whole host of benefits that many civilian vehicles cannot match. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider purchasing a military humvee.


A major reason that military humvees should be considered is that you can rest assured that the vehicle that you receive will be well-maintained. The reason for this is that the military typically has very strict standards and requirements for maintenance in order to ensure that the vehicle will be fit to enter service at any time. This means that standard maintenance will be done according to a precise schedule and any issues will likely have been fixed immediately, which goes a long way toward extending a vehicle’s operational lifespan.

Great Off-Road Performance

The biggest reason that many people fantasize about owning a military humvee is due to the fact that it is one of the best off-road vehicles that you can buy. In most cases, this vehicle will be able to take on terrain that civilian-grade trucks and SUVs cannot hope to handle. This makes sense when you consider that military humvees were designed to be used all over the world in a variety of different terrain types.

Available At An Auction

Finally, you will want to consider a military humvee because you can often find these vehicles through military surplus auctions. While auto dealers are starting to get these vehicles in stock and sell them, the majority of humvees make it to the market through auction sites that the military has contracted to sell their decommissioned items and vehicles.

The benefit to buying from an auction is that you could potentially get the humvee for less than a dealership or private seller would ask for. However, be aware of the fact that your final bid is not the entirety of your purchase expense, you will need to plan on paying the taxes on the vehicle and transportation costs to get it delivered to your home as you will not be able to drive it home. You cannot drive the vehicle home directly from the auction because the models sold at the auction are only for off-road use and cannot be licensed for road use without being modified.

Contact your local auto dealer or military surplus auction site today in order to see the array of humvees that are currently for sale. A military humvee is a great option as it can offer you a well-maintained vehicle that is highly capable when it comes to going off-road. In addition, most military hmmwvs for sale enter the market via auctions, which makes it possible to get one for a reasonable price.

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Tips For Finding The Right Vehicle After You Have A Baby

Getting a baby in and out of a car can be difficult, especially if you drive a two-door vehicle. If you have recently had a baby and have found that a two-door car is not the right fit for you, consider trading it in and getting a vehicle that better suits the new needs of your family. Use the following guide to learn a few tips to use when you go to get the right car for you.

Have Your Vehicle Detailed

Before you go to a dealership to trade in your car for a larger vehicle, have your car detailed. You want to be sure that it looks as clean as it possibly can before you take it to the dealership. Many dealerships like to accept trade ins that are in great condition and that have been well maintained. By having the car detailed, the dealer can see that the interior and exterior of the car look great, which will make selling the car easier for the dealer later on down the road.

Consider What Factors Are Important in a Vehicle

You also need to consider what factors are truly essential when it comes to your next car, before you head to the dealership. Make a list of things that are crucial, such as the number of seats, the number of doors, the fuel efficiency, and the available storage in the vehicle. You can also make a separate list of things that you think would be nice to have in the vehicle, but are not of the utmost importance, such as a DVD player, heated seats, or a satellite radio.

Determine the Price You Can Afford for the Vehicle

Take the time to consider how much you can afford to pay for the vehicle each month. Be sure that you take the cost for insurance into account. While you will not be able to find out the exact cost you will have to pay for the insurance until you actually choose a car, you could just use the price that you are paying now for insurance as a base amount for the moment.

Once you have determined how much you can afford to pay for your car payment each month, you can go to the dealership and provide the dealer with all of the information you have. While you are being shown vehicles that meet your needs and are in your price range, the dealership will have their mechanics determine the amount they will offer you for your trade in. By taking the time to prepare before you go to the dealership, you will be able to rest assured that the car you choose will be the perfect fit for your family. Keep these tips in mind as you look at new or pre owned Fords for sale.

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Three Advantages To Owning A Truck In The Upper Midwest

For anyone living in the Upper Midwest, residents know the challenges this part of the world provides. In order to survive living in such a diverse area, owning a pickup truck is nearly a must. Here are three advantages to owning a truck when living in the Upper Midwest.

Stay Safe in All Kinds of Weather

No matter what season it is, the weather can be pretty unpredictable in the Upper Midwest, an area of the country that includes:

  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota

This region can receive significant amounts of snowfall in the winter. In fact, six cities in this area are among the 20 snowiest major cities in the country. Other common weather phenomena include heavy rains in the spring and summer which can lead to flash flooding, severe thunderstorms, and tornadoes. Because of their four-wheel or all-wheel drive options, driving a truck in weather conditions like these can ensure safety.

Easy to Haul or Transport Heavy Loads

There are a lot of opportunities for outdoor recreation in the Upper Midwest. Large lakes, scenic rivers, and rugged terrain offer plenty of chances to go fishing, camping, hiking, and hunting. The Upper Midwest is also home to some of the most beautiful national parks in the country including:

  • Badlands National Park (South Dakota)
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park (North Dakota)
  • Isle Royale National Park (Michigan)
  • Voyageurs National Park (Minnesota)

Having a truck is advantageous for taking advantage of all of this outdoor recreation as it makes it possible to tow boats and haul camping and hunting supplies, as well as bicycles and all-terrain vehicles.

Trucks are No Longer Gas Guzzlers

One thing residents of the Upper Midwest are used to is driving long distances to get from place to place. Four out of the five states in this region are among the country’s largest twenty states. At one time people were hesitant to own a truck because of poor gas mileage but this has changed drastically in recent years. Some trucks get at least twenty miles per gallon. Many trucks also have the capability to run on liquid propane gas which also decreases energy costs.

Whether you need a vehicle in the Upper Midwest for driving safely in bad weather, hauling or towing outdoor recreation supplies, or want a fuel-efficient option for driving long distances, owning a truck is a great option. The good news is there are plenty of Ford dealers (like Woody Sander Ford) in the Upper Midwest that can help you find the perfect truck.

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It’s Time To Finance Your First Car: 3 Steps To Make The Process Easier

If you’re in the market for your first car, you might want to make sure you’re prepared for the process before you head to your first dealership. Being prepared can help you get the car you need for the price you can afford. Here are three steps you should take to prepare for the purchase of your first car.

Know Your Monthly Budget

You know what you want but do you know what you can afford? Those may be two very different things. Before you settle on a car, take the time to sit down and create a realistic budget. This should include everything you spend money on each month – including incidentals like dates and fast food. Once you know where your money goes each month – and how much is left after your purchases – it will be easier to determine how much car you can actually afford.

Identify Your Specific Needs

Once you’ve established your budget, it will be time to identify your needs – specifically what you’ll be using your vehicle for. This is important since your vehicle needs may not be suitable for the vehicle you’ve had in mind. For instance, if you need a vehicle that gets good gas mileage but you’ve got a full-size truck in mind, your needs might not mesh with your wants. To make sure the vehicle you choose fits the needs you have for it, sit down and make a list of your requirements. That list will make it easier to identify a vehicle that will best suit your needs.

Get Pre-Approval Before You Shop

This is important. Be sure you get pre-approved for an auto loan before you start visiting dealerships. In most cases, you can get pre-approval online, which means you’ll be able to go through the loan process in the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve received your pre-approval, you’ll know exactly how much you can spend on a car. Being armed with this information before you head out to the dealerships will prevent you from falling in love with a car that you can’t get approved for, or that will require more of a down payment than you can afford.

Now that it’s time to purchase your first car, you want to make sure you get the best deal you possibly can. Use the tips provided above to help take the stress out of purchasing your first car. For help with auto financing, talk to companies like Western Avenue Nissan.

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Avoid These Mistakes When Buying A New Car

If you are currently in the market for a new car, it is important that you do your research before choosing the car of your dreams. It is equally important that you avoid some of the common mistakes people tend to make when buying a new car, especially if this is their first time. Make sure you avoid the following mistakes.

Not Reading the Warranty’s Fine Print

Many new cars automatically come with a warranty, called the manufacturer’s warranty. This will often cover basic repairs and service needed within a short period of time after buying a car. It gives you a little protection if you have issues with the car within this period of time. However, the warranty often has stipulations, such as only being able to get certain types of repairs, or having to still pay for part of the repair costs. Make sure you read the fine print and know exactly what the conditions are. This is especially important if you are thinking about buying an extended warranty, since you might find that it isn’t worth the cost.

Only Calculating the Monthly Payment

When you first find out the cost of the vehicle you want and provide the dealership with the amount of down payment you can provide, they will often let you know how much your monthly payment will be based on your credit information. While this is important to know so you can decide if it is affordable and worth it to you, don’t only think about the monthly payments. Even if the payment is manageable, a high interest rate might mean that it takes longer to pay off the car. Also consider the number of years you will finance the car for in addition to the monthly payments.

Failing to Consider Additional Costs

Make sure you also think about the other costs that might be included with the type of car you buy. Depending on the make and model, you might end up paying more for car insurance since it has a higher risk for accidents or theft. If the car doesn’t have great gas mileage, you will be paying more for gas, ultimately paying more for the car in general. Also consider the cost of repairs and maintenance, since some models tend to cost a little more.

Also make sure you have your financing lined up before visiting a dealership. You need to know if you can pay cash, are getting a loan from your bank or credit union, or if you are going to finance it directly through the dealership.

For more information about the process and logistics of purchasing a new car, contact a local car dealership.

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3 Toyota Camry Repair Jobs

The Toyota Camry is generally deemed a very reliable vehicle. Having said that, like all machines, the Camry is bound to require a repair or two down the line. Throughout the course of this brief article, you’ll learn of a few repairs that are not entirely uncommon to Toyota Camry.

Transmission Lag

Whenever you accelerate, you might feel as if your transmission is “hesitating” or not doing its job switching gears whenever you hit a certain RPM. There are a number of issues that could be the cause of this problem. Often times, this is a digital issue and requires an update to the vehicle’s software. This is generally the case if your Camry’s mileage is quite low. When it comes to older Camrys or Camrys with high mileage, this problem could be rooted in a mechanical issue. A worn transmission part is often times the culprit when it comes to transmission hesitation.

Check Engine Light

This is a common issue among car owners, whether they own a Camry or not. Often times, the offending matter that is causing this problem is a faulty oxygen sensor. Your Camry’s oxygen sensor works to detect the engine exhaust level. Temperature, altitude, humidity are all factors that the sensor takes into consideration. In addition to your check engine light being illuminated, a faulty oxygen sensor can also lead to a number of other issues that demand your attention, including poor fuel consumption and engine damage.

Valve Cover or Gasket Issues

Two of the primary components involved in preventing your engine from leaking are the valve covers and gaskets of your Camry. If either of these components is damaged, your vehicle will suffer from an oil leak. Two signs that this has happened are the distinct odor of burning oil while your car is running or oil on the ground on your driveway after your car has been parked for a bit of time. There are a couple of issues that revolve around valve covers and gaskets. Sometimes, the issue only requires that the covers be tightened. Other times, the covers or gaskets are cracked. In these situations, you will have to replace the offending parts.

Camrys are resilient and generally reliable vehicles. Hopefully, this brief guide has given you some idea of some of the issues that could befall your Camry, despite its reliability. If you suspect that anything is wrong with your vehicle, it is recommended that you take it into a licensed Toyota repair service.

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