3 Toyota Camry Repair Jobs

The Toyota Camry is generally deemed a very reliable vehicle. Having said that, like all machines, the Camry is bound to require a repair or two down the line. Throughout the course of this brief article, you'll learn of a few repairs that are not entirely uncommon to Toyota Camry.

Transmission Lag

Whenever you accelerate, you might feel as if your transmission is "hesitating" or not doing its job switching gears whenever you hit a certain RPM. There are a number of issues that could be the cause of this problem. Often times, this is a digital issue and requires an update to the vehicle's software. This is generally the case if your Camry's mileage is quite low. When it comes to older Camrys or Camrys with high mileage, this problem could be rooted in a mechanical issue. A worn transmission part is often times the culprit when it comes to transmission hesitation.

Check Engine Light

This is a common issue among car owners, whether they own a Camry or not. Often times, the offending matter that is causing this problem is a faulty oxygen sensor. Your Camry's oxygen sensor works to detect the engine exhaust level. Temperature, altitude, humidity are all factors that the sensor takes into consideration. In addition to your check engine light being illuminated, a faulty oxygen sensor can also lead to a number of other issues that demand your attention, including poor fuel consumption and engine damage.

Valve Cover or Gasket Issues

Two of the primary components involved in preventing your engine from leaking are the valve covers and gaskets of your Camry. If either of these components is damaged, your vehicle will suffer from an oil leak. Two signs that this has happened are the distinct odor of burning oil while your car is running or oil on the ground on your driveway after your car has been parked for a bit of time. There are a couple of issues that revolve around valve covers and gaskets. Sometimes, the issue only requires that the covers be tightened. Other times, the covers or gaskets are cracked. In these situations, you will have to replace the offending parts.

Camrys are resilient and generally reliable vehicles. Hopefully, this brief guide has given you some idea of some of the issues that could befall your Camry, despite its reliability. If you suspect that anything is wrong with your vehicle, it is recommended that you take it into a licensed Toyota repair service.