Should You Use An Open Or Closed Motorcycle Trailer To Transport Your Bike?

If you have a motorcycle, you will probably need to transport it at some point. There are times when riding your motorcycle isn't going to be the best way to get it where you need for it to go. That means that you are going to be times when you need to come up with alternate transportation methods. One of those is to use a transport trailer of some kind in order to get your motorcycle where you are going. 

Open Trailer

One option you have when it comes to a motorcycle transport trailer is to use an open trailer. When you use an open trailer, your motorcycle is just driven up on the trailer and then secured. Generally, these trailers are big enough for two motorcycles, however, you may be able to find trailers that are big enough to hold more than two.

There are pros to using an open trailer. One of them is that the open trailer may be less expensive for you to buy. 

There are also cons to using an open trailer. One of those cons is that your bike is going to be open to the elements, which means that if there is rain or other damaging weather, like hail, your bike is going to get hit with it. Another problem is that your bike is going to be susceptible to any road debris. 

Closed Trailers

Closed trailers are just like open trailers in that your bike just gets rolled up on to the trailer and then secured. The enclosed trailers are also generally big enough for multiple motorcycles. 

There are pros to using a closed trailer. One of them is that your motorcycle is hidden from view. That means that it is much less likely to attract attention from people who might want to try to steal them. Since the trailer doors can be locked, that's an added level of security. That can make a closed trailer the right option for long distance travel. Another benefit is that your bike is going to be protected from anything that may damage it. If you have a custom paint job, you may not want to risk having rocks or debris flying up and scratching your bike until you get it where you want to be. 

A con is that a closed trailer is generally heavier than an open trailer, meaning that you may need to use a stronger vehicle to transport it.

If you are going to need to transport your motorcycle, you may want to use a a trailer of some kind. Contact a business, such as Ace Trailer Sales, for more information.