4 Strategic Checks To Do When Buying A Used Motorcycle

You may have an eye on that brand new motorcycle, but one look at the price tag and you know that you will have no choice but to buy a used version instead. There is absolutely no foul in buying a used motorcycle. In fact, going used could save you a load of cash and get you a bike that far exceeds the expectations of what you thought you could afford. However, buying a used motorcycle is not a task that should be carried through without the proper prior steps before you hand over money. 

1. Check both tires for uneven tire wear. - This one may sound like overkill, but checking for uneven wear on the tires of a bike will tell you something about how it operates. Uneven wear can point to two things: bad alignment of the bike's build (which can be relative to an accident the motorcycle has been involved in) or it can point to improper handling of the driver. In either case, the bike may have issues if the tires are not worn evenly on both ends. 

2. Check for noises when you sit on the bike. - A bike in good condition will allow you to climb on the seat and get into position without creaking and squeaking. If the motorcycle you are considering makes a lot of noise just because you sit on the seat, it will likely be noisy when it hits the highway as well. This may not be an unfixable problem, but it can be a problem that lowers the value of the bike. 

3. Check the mileage of the bike. - In general terms, a motorcycle has a pretty long lifespan, even when compared to a regular passenger vehicle. You should expect a bike to get at least 40,000 to 50,000 miles, but a bike with this many miles is also considered to have high mileage in some cases. 

4. Check to ensure the title is available. - If you are buying your used bike from an authorized auto dealer, you really will not have to worry about whether what they have on the lot has a title. However, if you are buying your bike from an individual, you should never make a deal on a ride that does not have a title. This can mean the bike has been stolen, and landing yourself with stolen property is something you should definitely avoid. 

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