3 Things To Do Before Buying A Brand-New Pickup Truck

There are country songs about them, there is an esteemed reputation for them, and they are a trusted vehicle for farmers, offroaders, and a certain sect of the country. Pickup trucks are a wise investment for anyone looking to get into a vehicle that will be reliable and long-lived. However, any time you buy a new vehicle, especially one that will have so much responsibility as a truck, it is best to do your research in advance. Check out a few ways to get the lowdown on brand-new pickup trucks before you shop. 

Research YouTube for Reliable Information 

Finding information on YouTube about certain vehicle types is as easy as keying in a few search terms, and there really are thousands of videos out there that can help you with your buying decisions. For example, if you are trying to figure out which Chevy pickup model has more towing power, you can head over to the video hosting platform and find a few videos from people actually testing different models head to head. Getting visual information like this is hard to do in the real world unless you just know a bunch of people who own the type of truck you want. 

Check Out the Manufacturer's Website

Buying brand-new means you are getting something fresh for the market, so you are going to want to know which models offer specifically what you want and which models have those cool, new features that you want to try. Head to the manufacturer's website and take a look around. For instance, if you will eventually be taking your money to a truck dealer, such as a Chevy dealer, head over to the manufacturer's website and check out the specs for the latest models. The automaker's website will also yield you info on stuff like: 

  • Warranties offered with new truck purchases
  • Safety ratings of different vehicles 
  • Up-and-coming models soon to be released

Track Down What Others Are Saying Online 

If you are buying brand-new within the year that a truck is made, reviews can be a little harder to find. However, you should be able to track down a few customers who are anxious to share their firsthand knowledge in an effort to warn or give insight to prospective buyers. Sites like Cars.com and Kelley Blue Book host user reviews, so check these places to find what reviews you can for any new model you are considering.