Three Advantages To Owning A Truck In The Upper Midwest

For anyone living in the Upper Midwest, residents know the challenges this part of the world provides. In order to survive living in such a diverse area, owning a pickup truck is nearly a must. Here are three advantages to owning a truck when living in the Upper Midwest.

Stay Safe in All Kinds of Weather

No matter what season it is, the weather can be pretty unpredictable in the Upper Midwest, an area of the country that includes:

  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota

This region can receive significant amounts of snowfall in the winter. In fact, six cities in this area are among the 20 snowiest major cities in the country. Other common weather phenomena include heavy rains in the spring and summer which can lead to flash flooding, severe thunderstorms, and tornadoes. Because of their four-wheel or all-wheel drive options, driving a truck in weather conditions like these can ensure safety.

Easy to Haul or Transport Heavy Loads

There are a lot of opportunities for outdoor recreation in the Upper Midwest. Large lakes, scenic rivers, and rugged terrain offer plenty of chances to go fishing, camping, hiking, and hunting. The Upper Midwest is also home to some of the most beautiful national parks in the country including:

  • Badlands National Park (South Dakota)
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park (North Dakota)
  • Isle Royale National Park (Michigan)
  • Voyageurs National Park (Minnesota)

Having a truck is advantageous for taking advantage of all of this outdoor recreation as it makes it possible to tow boats and haul camping and hunting supplies, as well as bicycles and all-terrain vehicles.

Trucks are No Longer Gas Guzzlers

One thing residents of the Upper Midwest are used to is driving long distances to get from place to place. Four out of the five states in this region are among the country's largest twenty states. At one time people were hesitant to own a truck because of poor gas mileage but this has changed drastically in recent years. Some trucks get at least twenty miles per gallon. Many trucks also have the capability to run on liquid propane gas which also decreases energy costs.

Whether you need a vehicle in the Upper Midwest for driving safely in bad weather, hauling or towing outdoor recreation supplies, or want a fuel-efficient option for driving long distances, owning a truck is a great option. The good news is there are plenty of Ford dealers (like Woody Sander Ford) in the Upper Midwest that can help you find the perfect truck.