7 Key Features To Look For When Buying A Cargo Trailer

A cargo trailer greatly helps when transporting goods from one place to another. Whether you're a business owner, tradesperson, or someone who frequently moves bulky items, a cargo trailer can make your life much easier.

If you need a new cargo trailer, here are seven features to look for.

1. Size and capacity

The size and capacity of the cargo trailer should be your first consideration. The trailer ought to be large enough to carry all the items you need to transport. You'll also need to consider the weight of your cargo and the weight capacity of the trailer. It's essential to ensure that the trailer can handle the weight of your cargo without compromising safety.

If you're having trouble estimating the weight of a typical cargo load, borrow or rent a trailer for a day. You can take a typical load to a scale for weighing. Then, subtract the rough weight of the trailer you're using to find the actual payload that your new trailer needs to support. New trailers have specific maximum payloads.

2. Durability

Your cargo trailer should be built to last, with durable construction materials such as steel or aluminum. The frame should be strong enough to withstand rough roads and heavy loads, especially if you ever go on dirt or gravel lanes. Look for trailers with high-quality components such as axles, wheels, and suspension systems.

3. Security features

Cargo trailers are often targeted by thieves, so security features are essential. Choose a trailer that has locking doors, or at least secure latches that can be locked with a padlock. You might also want a hitch lock to prevent theft. 

4. Ventilation

If you plan on transporting items that require ventilation, such as plants or livestock, make sure a cargo trailer with adequate ventilation. Vents or windows provide air circulation and prevent the buildup of moisture or odors.

5. Accessibility

Take into account how easy it is to load and unload your cargo. Decide whether you need easy-to-open doors or ramps, and a low deck height, to make loading and unloading easier. Some trailers also have a side door for added accessibility. If you're transporting loads that are easily loaded and unloaded, these features might be less important.

6. Lighting

Good lighting is essential for safe driving, especially when towing a cargo trailer. Shop for a model with bright, visible lights, including brake lights, turn signals, and running lights.

7. Warranty

A warranty is an essential feature of any major purchase, and a cargo trailer is no exception. Ask if there's a manufacturer's warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. A good warranty can give you peace of mind and protect your investment.