3 Reasons To Consider Purchasing A Military Humvee

One of the most sought after military surplus vehicles on the market is the humvee, mostly because this vehicle can provide a whole host of benefits that many civilian vehicles cannot match. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider purchasing a military humvee.


A major reason that military humvees should be considered is that you can rest assured that the vehicle that you receive will be well-maintained. The reason for this is that the military typically has very strict standards and requirements for maintenance in order to ensure that the vehicle will be fit to enter service at any time. This means that standard maintenance will be done according to a precise schedule and any issues will likely have been fixed immediately, which goes a long way toward extending a vehicle's operational lifespan.

Great Off-Road Performance

The biggest reason that many people fantasize about owning a military humvee is due to the fact that it is one of the best off-road vehicles that you can buy. In most cases, this vehicle will be able to take on terrain that civilian-grade trucks and SUVs cannot hope to handle. This makes sense when you consider that military humvees were designed to be used all over the world in a variety of different terrain types.

Available At An Auction

Finally, you will want to consider a military humvee because you can often find these vehicles through military surplus auctions. While auto dealers are starting to get these vehicles in stock and sell them, the majority of humvees make it to the market through auction sites that the military has contracted to sell their decommissioned items and vehicles.

The benefit to buying from an auction is that you could potentially get the humvee for less than a dealership or private seller would ask for. However, be aware of the fact that your final bid is not the entirety of your purchase expense, you will need to plan on paying the taxes on the vehicle and transportation costs to get it delivered to your home as you will not be able to drive it home. You cannot drive the vehicle home directly from the auction because the models sold at the auction are only for off-road use and cannot be licensed for road use without being modified.

Contact your local auto dealer or military surplus auction site today in order to see the array of humvees that are currently for sale. A military humvee is a great option as it can offer you a well-maintained vehicle that is highly capable when it comes to going off-road. In addition, most military hmmwvs for sale enter the market via auctions, which makes it possible to get one for a reasonable price.