4 Tips For Getting The Best Price On A New Vehicle

If you want to purchase a new vehicle, you are going to be facing a big price tag. However, there are steps you can take to make sure that you are getting a fair price on a new vehicle.

#1 Secure Financing Ahead Of Time

Before you head down to the dealership to look for a new vehicle, take some time to secure financing. You can often get financing for a new vehicle through either your local credit union or bank where you are already a customer. You can prequalify for a car loan; this will allow you to figure out what size of loan you can take out while still affording the monthly payments before you head to the dealership. Often times dealerships will offer financing as well; having financing secured ahead of time will allow you to set your expectations for what type of new vehicle you can afford before you step on the lot. It will also give you good comparison point if the dealership offers financing as well. Part of getting the best price is knowing what price is good for you.

#2 Research Your Top Two Vehicles

Next, research the top two models that you are interested in looking at and purchasing as the dealership. Find out how the price value has held for older models of that same vehicle; this will give you an idea of how your vehicle will hold value and what you should pay for it up-front. Look up the Consumer Report to find out more about the reliability and safety ratings of the vehicle you are interested in.

#3 Find Out Insurance Costs

The cost of a vehicle is not just about your car payment; it is also about the insurance costs. Take your top two vehicles and call your insurance and find out what it would cost to insure either vehicle. This could help influence your decision on what specific vehicle you want to actually purchase.

#4 Find The Dealer Cost

Finally, look up the dealer cost of the vehicle online. There are multiple sites, such as NADA.com and KBB.com, that will give you a solid idea of what the vehicle should be selling for at a dealership. This will allow you to figure out what is a good value and what is overpriced. Use this information to negotiate the price of the vehicle. When you negotiate the price of the vehicle, make sure that you are negotiating the full price of the vehicle, included any added fees that the dealer may want to tack onto the transaction. Make sure that your negotiated price is the final price for the vehicle. 

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