3 Safety Technologies To Consider For Your Nissan Altima

Now that you have kids, driving just isn't the same anymore. After all, you've never transported such precious cargo. While safety belts and car seats go along way toward keeping your little ones safe, you should also be aware that smart technologies are available that serve as a safety shield for your new Nissan Altima. As you explore options for your new car, be sure to consider what these features can do to protect your family.

Predictive Forward Collision Warning

You've always been taught to scan ahead when you are driving, but little ones in the back can be pretty distracting. With this safety feature, your car comes with a special radar that can monitor what is happening two cars ahead of yours. If it picks up a sudden deceleration in either vehicle, then it sounds an alarm while giving you a visual signal at the same time. If you still fail to hit the breaks, then the system will apply the brakes as necessary to help avoid a collision.

Blind Spot Warning

Changing lanes always leaves you vulnerable to a collision, and even checking your blind spot is not always enough. For this reason, you can choose to lease a Nissan Altima that comes with a blind spot warning that alerts you that someone is in your path with an indicator that shows up on the driver or passenger side door. As a second layer of protection, it will play a chime as soon as you put your turn signal on so that you definitely remember to double check your blind spot.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Backing up is another hazardous activity that is simply part of driving, and living in a family friendly community means dealing with parking lots and driveways that always pose a risk for traffic entering from the side. With a backup camera combined with a rear cross traffic alert, you can check directly behind you for pedestrians and other hazards. Then, the system follows that up by sounding an alarm if a vehicle approaches your car's rear end from either direction.

When you drive with your family in the back, it is important to take advantage of every possible way that you can keep them safe. The choice to get a Nissan Altima with intelligent safety technology gives you more control over knowing what is happening around your vehicle. This way, you can trust that those little passengers will one day grow up to be safe drivers after learning from your smart decisions.