3 Key Safety Features Your New Car Must Have

Cars today can come with a wide range of safety, comfort, driving, and technology features. With so many advanced features, it can be difficult to determine which features you really need, and which ones are not necessary. When you go shopping for your next vehicle, here are a few features you need and should look for on your next vehicle.

Feature #1: Blind Spot Warnings

The truth is, even if you look over both of your shoulders, use your side mirrors, and use your rear-view mirrors, there are still going to be blind spots around your vehicle. Despite efforts to minimize blind spots, they can never be eliminated.

That is why it is so important to purchase a vehicle with a blind spot warning or alert system. This type of system will let out an audible noise or give you a visual warning if something is detected in your blind spot. Sensors are placed around the blind spots on your vehicle, and when you back up, they let you know if something is in your way.

A vehicle with blind spot cameras is great as well, but the sensors are a must-have.

Feature #2: Automatic Emergency Braking

Rear-end accidents account for 28% of all accidents that happen each year, which is a high figure as most rear-end accidents are preventable. Automatic emergency braking systems are designed to help lower the number of rear-end accidents that happen each year.

With an automatic braking system, your vehicle has sensors that measure how close you are to the car in front of you. The system also measures how quickly that vehicle is moving and calculates how fast you are moving and if you two will collide.

This system can sense when a car in front of you suddenly slams on their brakes, and the system will slam on your brakes as well, helping to prevent an accident.

Some vehicles also have pedestrian detection systems that engage when someone walks in front of your vehicle. Both emergency braking systems can help save lives.

Feature #3: Automatic High Beams

The old system of having to turn on your high beams when you are driving alone at night and then turn them down when you see a vehicle approaching is an outdated technology. If you do a lot of night driving, look for a vehicle that has automatic high beams.

Your high beams will turn on when appropriate, such as when there is no traffic in front of you and will turn off when traffic approaches. You no longer have to remember to turn your high beams on and off, and you don't have to feel guilty when you forget to turn your high beams off and you blind the person driving towards you.

When purchasing a new car, three safety features you should look for include blind spot warnings, automatic emergency braking, and automatic high beams. To look for new vehicles, visit a lot that sells new cars like Gary Rome Kia