Considering Service And Repairs When Buying A Used Vehicle From A Local Dealership

Buying used vehicles from a dealer offering cars or trucks that are a couple of years old is an excellent way to save some money, and often these vehicles still have some warranty remaining. How the warranty work is handled can be critical, so it is vital that the dealership offers repairs and service for the vehicles they sell and can help you keep your new vehicle in excellent running condition. 

Factory Warranty

Often used vehicles that are only a couple of years old will have some remaining factory warranty available. Still, the service work for the cars needs to be handled by a repair shop approved for warranty work. When considering a vehicle from a used vehicle dealer, ask them about the remaining warranty and if it is transferrable when you purchase the car or truck. 

If there is some factory warranty left, it is vital to find out of the dealer is approved to do the work on the used vehicles they sell or if you need to take the vehicle to a factory service center for repairs. The more work you can have done at the dealer you purchased the car from, the easier it is to keep the records and history of the vehicle intact. 

Maintenance And Repair

In many cases, the used vehicles the dealer sells come from trade-ins, auctions, or other dealers in the area, and buying from a dealer that can take care of maintenance and repairs for you is an added convenience. Most used vehicles go through a complete check of the systems to determine the condition before they go up for sale. The check-up allows the dealer's service department to record the condition and make any repairs required before putting it out on the lot. 

When you purchase the car or truck, the record of the first service and any repairs stays with the dealership. Still, if you bring the vehicle back for any work you need, the dealership can continue to add to the record, and if there is a problem that continues to be a problem, a proper paper trail is created. That documentation can be necessary, and it allows the tech working on the car to know what is going on with the vehicle so they can make the appropriate repairs for you.  

When you are ready to trade that car or truck for a new one, a record of continued maintenance and repair can establish the vehicle was well cared for and increase the dealer's trade value. If you buy another vehicle through the same dealer, they will often take your vehicle in trade because they know the car and the maintenance, allowing them to share that with a potential buyer and get a better price for the vehicle.